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Tele-counseling, also referred to as e-therapy, e-counseling, or tele-therapy, is the process of providing real-time face-to-face counseling services via the internet.  Services are provided via a HIPAA compliant platform that allows us to meet via a secure and private internet server.  To request tele-counseling services, please contact me so that I can create your secure personal account.

Tele-counseling services are offered in 20-minute increments so that clients can have a brief meeting to address a specific situation without having to commit to a full hour or drive to my office. Clients can schedule consecutive sessions if they wish to reserve more time. Clients will be required to pay for all reserved sessions unless cancelled no less than the day prior to the appointment(s). 

Tele-counseling services offer the flexibility to obtain services from the location of your choice.  As long as you have audio and video capabilities and internet access, we can have a therapy session. 

In order to register for tele-counseling services, you will be required to provided credit card information and an authorization to bill the account for services provided.  I will bill your insurance your services provided, but cannot guarantee that tele-health sessions are covered.  If your insurance fails to pay your credit card will be billed for the balance due.  

Due to licensure laws, I can only provide tele-counseling services to clients who reside in North Carolina.

For more information about tele-counseling services, call me at 336-338-2011.