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Feedback-Informed Treatment

My goal is for you to overcome the difficulties that brought you to therapy sooner rather than later. In order to track our success in treatment, at the beginning of each session I will ask you to complete a rating scale of how you are doing in the areas of your personal wellbeing, primary relationship, social and work setting, and general overall functioning.  This information is discussed with you, recorded on a graph, and compared over time.  If you are not making progress towards your treatment goals it may be appropriate to redesign the treatment plan, goals, or methods of therapy and consider the possible benefit of a referral to a specialist or other treatment program.

At the end of each session, you will be asked to provide feedback regarding the session:  did you feel heard, did we talk about what you wanted to talk about, and how you feel about the methods used.  My goal is to uncover any blockage to the therapeutic relationship that I may have inadvertently created during the session.  Only through your personal feedback can I make changes to my style or approach to match your needs and create on-going professional development.