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Thea Vondracek, LMFT/LPCS

Why Counseling?
  • Counseling can help people understand why they do what they do.
  • Counseling is a safe place to honestly explore emotions of anger, anxiety and worry.
  • Counseling can help people learn how to effectively influence others by changing how they respond to others' troubling behaviors.
  • Counseling is a place to learn coping skills, improve self-esteem, and discover life purpose.
  • Counseling is a place to practice new behaviors, identify and establish appropriate boundaries, and develop kindness and self-reliance.
How to get the most out of counseling:
  • If planning to use insurance to pay for services, check with your insurance carrier for a list of in-network providers.  Make sure you know what your co-pay and deductible are so that you are comfortable with the cost of services.
  • If you don't have insurance and cannot afford to pay a therapist's established fee, look for a non-profit organization that has a sliding scale fee schedule.
  • Review available therapists' profiles on various platforms to obtain information about them.  
  • Look for language and content on their profiles that feels "right" for you.
  • Check the location and hours available:  are they convenient for you?
  • Plan to attend 5-8 sessions; otherwise, you are limiting your ability to create lasting change.
You can schedule an appointment on this website on the Make an Appointment tab.  Call me at 336-338-2011 if you have any difficulty using the scheduling program or need a time not currently available.
I look forward to meeting you.