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Thea Vondracek, LMFT/LPCS

Are you unhappy or anxious in your relationships? I work with you to help you develop and maintain positive relationships with yourself and the important people in your life. You can benefit from understanding what motivates behavior choices and interferes with communication and understanding. Through my work with adolescents, adults, individuals, couples, and families, I promote personal strength, intentionality, and kindness. I offer a personalized approach tailored to each of my clients' individual needs to help attain personal growth.
Why Counseling?
  • Counseling can help people understand why they do what they do.
  • Counseling is a safe place to honestly explore emotions of anger, anxiety and worry.
  • Counseling can help people learn how to effectively influence others by changing how they respond to others' troubling behaviors.
  • Counseling is a place to learn coping skills, improve self-esteem, and discover life purpose.
  • Counseling is a place to practice new behaviors, identify and establish appropriate boundaries, and develop kindness and self-reliance.
How to get the most out of counseling:
  • If planning to use insurance to pay for services, check with your insurance carrier for a list of in-network providers.  Check the back of your insurance card for a specific mental health services contact number. Make sure you know what your co-pay and deductible are so that you are comfortable with the cost of services. 
  • If you are employed, check with your human resources department about an Employee Assistance Plan benefit which might provide you with a few sessions at no charge.
  • If you don't have insurance and cannot afford to pay a therapist's established fee, look for a non-profit organization that has a sliding scale fee schedule.
  • Review available therapists' profiles on various platforms to obtain information about them.  
  • Look for language and content on their profiles that feels "right" for you.
  • Check the location and hours available:  are they convenient for you?
  • Plan to attend 5-8 sessions; otherwise, you are limiting your ability to create lasting change.
To schedule an appointment call me at 336-338-2011.
I look forward to meeting you.